View Full Version : Use enterprise Single Sign On (SSO) to authenticate Lianja app?

2024-01-20, 22:28
Instead of using App Center to login, is there a mechanism available that will allow SSO (via Okta, etc.) to authenticate a user? The large companies I've worked out don't require user/password to run applications, rather they support SSO and use the user's domain name and cached login state to enable access. This page: https://www.lianja.com/doc/index.php/Customizing_the_Login_Page makes it clear that using App Center is optional, which is good, so just need one more step where users can authenticate via SSO. Anyone aware of how to do this of if this can be done?

2024-01-21, 05:51
The purpose of having user authentication is to handle user roles and permissions.

Lianja also supports active directory / LDAP as well as self registration for users.

The alternative is to have no authentication.

If SSO was used this would disallow user roles and permissions.

If SSO is something that you feel is needed then you can submit an enhancement request as a ticket.

2024-01-21, 12:11
Iíve mostly worked for Microsoft, Facebook, and Google in my life, and these large enterprises all use SSO for app access. Salesforce is an example of an app development system that can use SSO and still supports user roles. Perhaps as currently implemented, Lianja canít support it but if LDAP/AD work with user roles, SSO certainly can. Roles would of course need to be provisioned by login name, but there would be no need for a separate login or password. A default role would be helpful for the least access group, so if no role was specifically provisioned, that role would be assigned.

2024-01-21, 12:49
Yes. LDAP handles roles and permissions.

Yes of course SSO could be developed.

You can submit an ER (Enhancement Request) as a ticket on Lianja.com if you have a need for this. Thatís how we manage enhancements.

2024-01-21, 19:47
Iím a Lianja n00b just comparing Lianja to Xojo and B4J, and the founder of the company responds to my question within hours? I have installed Lianja and am going through tutorials now. Lianja is the one to beat, not even looking at the others right now. So appreciative. Wow.