View Full Version : LianjaSql Server a SqlServer like MSSql, MySql etc.

2023-09-04, 15:04
I am currently working with the Lianja SQL Server and have a problem understanding it. Is the Lianja SQL Server an independent solution that is comparable to MSSQl, MySql, PostgreSql etc.? If not, haven't I found any information on how to connect the existing SQL databases to this system? Thanks in advance and greetings Olaf

2023-09-04, 17:04
Hi Olaf,

Yes. It provides you with client/server access to Lianja data from ODBC clients.

If you have Lianja app builder or Lianja cloud server installed you do not need to install this as it is part of Lianja cloud server. In other words Lianja cloud server can be connected to using the Lianja odbc driver.