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2023-07-08, 00:22

I just started the other day with v9.1.3 and installed the combo installer with everything.
Now v9.1.4 has been released.

I have download the update installers and want to know if there is any special order
that the updates need to be applied for everything to work properly after the update?

Also I noted that SQL Server and the ODBC Drivers did not have Update Installers, so
do you have to uninstall v9.1.3 and then install v9.1.4 or just install over the top of
older versions?

Also, since I am new to this development tool... if there is a show stopper in v9.1.4
how do I revert back to v9.1.3?

Install over the top (backing to the previous version) or a complete uninstall and a total
reinstall to go backwards, how is this handled with Lianja?


2023-07-08, 03:04
Hi Keith

1. you can just install the 9.1.4 update on top of your current 9.1.3

2. When you install the app builder it installs everything you need for development.
- App builder
- Cloud server (which includes Lianja sql server)
- odbc driver

You do not need to download and install anything other the Lianja app builder for your development machine

There are no reported issues with 9.1.4