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2012-08-20, 12:43
I have just downloaded the latest beta onto a windows machine.

Drag and drop pjx file to files explorer, the box with heading Files, on the main app page in app builder.

Nothing happens

What am I doing wrong ?


2012-08-20, 13:11
Drag it into the "Files" panel of the "Apps" workspace. It will import the scx, vcx, prg files and the code will then be available for editing or customizing into Lianja.

Are you sure you have beta9R6 installed? Look at the home page (App Center) at the version and date in the bottom right hand.

If nothing happens then look in the "Console" workspace as this (plus .dbc file import) is all working on my machine here.

2012-08-20, 13:21
Even I try to import FORMS, PROJECT nothing to do ! I have a very simple form (standard VFP) an drag on FORM FILES on APP CENTER
I see that there is an import PRG for FORMS. How can I run it ? From console with "DO ..."
If yes the new form where is create ? How can I see it ? Modify and so on..
I think that you must give more details about import project, forms and class. It's very important for us this tool !
Thanks a lot !

2012-08-20, 13:22
Yes this is beta9R6

I drag the pjx file onto the section that says files and has folder images with names such as Form Files, Class Files etc

Drop it there and noting happens

2012-08-20, 13:30
Create an "App" with whatever name you want.

Drag the .pjx file (or .scx or .vcx file) onto the "Files" panel and it will import the .scx and .vcx files creating .scp and .vcp files. These are just normal .prg files with a special extension to distinguish them from normal .prg files. You can now double-click on them and edit them.

You can then see what works and what does not in those forms and class libraries.

Class libraries are nothing special, just use SET PROCEDURE TO name.vcp to make the classes available.

Forms are just .prg files so just DO FORM name.scp

2012-08-20, 13:38
Yes created app first

Drag and dropped pjx nothing happens.

Tried form scx files again nothing happens

Then found the issue

Needed to extend the size of the app page so that in the files section I had space below teh folder images, dropped pjx onto there and it is now importing

2012-08-20, 13:45
Ah. Ok we will look into that issue. Sounds like dropping onto an existing file is not propagating upwards to the tree,

2012-08-20, 14:01
Exact same problem. Drag/drop .SCX files on an existing app (Files section) and nothing happens. I can't get any import to happen at all no matter what/how I try with drag/drop.

Ok, dragging to space under all the folders in the Files section does work. Not real intuitive, I'd expect to be able to drop on the appropriate folder (Form Files). Also got errors that the .SCX file was already open. Did a CLOSE DATA ALL in the console window and drag to under the all the folders and it worked.

2012-08-20, 14:21
Drag and drop onto an "blank" area (as stated above) there seems to be issue with dropping onto nodes of the tree.

2012-08-20, 14:28
It does not appear to import parent classes.

For example I have a form based on Class A, this has a parent B, that has a parent C and so on to about 5 levels

I get A imported into the project but not B, C, D etc

2012-08-20, 14:35
Submit a ticket with the file in question so we can take a look.

2012-08-20, 14:37
Submit a ticket with the file in question so we can take a look.

All of the source code for the importers is in the "library" workpace, so with the know-how you should be able to see whats going wrong. In any event, submit a ticket with the file in question and we will take a look.

2012-08-20, 15:15
OK Thanks

2012-08-20, 16:09
I have fixed this in beta9r7 which we will ship in a day or so. The code beautifier has also been fixed.

2012-08-21, 01:01
I've imported my first pjx including one (bigger) vcx with several methods,.. It was logged ok in the console and after closing and reopening I found the vcp-file. Seems to be the problem of the tree (see above)

BUT: my vcp is not complete, many methods missing

I will look, how I can send

2012-08-21, 04:59
Submit a ticket and attach the zipped up folder containing the .pjx and associated files.