View Full Version : Problem running Lianja App Centre from Client PC

2022-04-12, 04:40
I installed Lianja App Builder Professional 7.1 on my Server PC.
I build a "Test App" and deployed successfully on my Server PC.
I can run the "Test App" from the Lianja App Center on the Server PC without any problem.

I download and installed Lianja App Centre 7.1 on another client PC with the "Shared files Directory" pointing to the Server PC shared Lianja Public directory.

I run the Lianja App Centre from the client PC, the Lianja Splash screen appears for a few second and disappeared without the expected Lianja Login screen.

I tried this on several client PC with the same result.

Please advice what is the possible reason.

2022-04-12, 07:39
Hi Eric,

If you have an existing App Builder or Cloud Server installed on the server, specify the local directory throughout when installing the App Center on the client machine.

Then, once installed, alter the App Center shortcut target command, adding:

--tenancy P:

replacing 'P' with the mapped drive that points to drive:\lianja\cloudserver\tenants\public on the server.



2022-04-12, 09:27
Thanks Yvonne,
It's working now, you are an Angel :)