View Full Version : No phonegap, is psible to test my app in my mobil??

2021-09-29, 07:30
Hello I see theres no more phonegap , I make my app and yes I can test in my chrome navegator and I can swicht the view to tablet and phone it works fine. But I can test my app in my android device or in a android emulator ?

Thanks for the help.

2021-09-29, 09:29
Hi gontran,

Adobe has removed its PhoneGap platform. Done. Gone.

Why? Because "Progressive Web Apps". https://www.emergeinteractive.com/insights/detail/enterprise-mobile-app-strategy-progressive-web-native/

Lianja supports Progressive Web Apps: https://www.lianja.com/doc/index.php/Category:Progressive_Web_Apps

PWA is replacing App/Play Store apps. Lianja's app center handles issues with access control.

We have the best solution available, at almost no cost in development time. And Lianja makes it totally easy, no learning curve.


PS: if you have not used separate pages for phone, all you have to do is hit the URL on your phone. That means you have to be able to have your phone hit your desktop where your LCS resides. That's a matter of network configuration. Or you can use Preview Live (upper right of toolbar), run the desktop (which will be the default, and then change "index" to "phone_index" in the html. Then see what I wrote below.

PPS: you can also, in Chrome, view an app in different configurations, accessed by pressing F12 to get to the developer tools in Chrome and then clicking the Device Icon (lower left in pic below). For show-and-tell purposes I used the DataMapping example app. The device size is changed either by the the Dimension dropdown (at the top) or by inputting the dimensions you want to test.


2021-10-01, 11:11
Hi Hank, thanks for the time, it works so fine , I see in my chrome navigator in my desktop machine in the appcenter the install icon, it works fine , but I try to use in
my celphone the chrome but say cant reach the server , I use : localhost:8001

How can I fix this error?
Thanks for the time

2021-10-01, 14:42
Hi Gontran

Firstly make sure your phone is connected to the same wifi network.

Obtain the IP address from the Lianja Server Manager (cannot use localhost) and replace that for localhost.

In order to service progressive web apps you need to use IIS on windows or Apache on Linux and create a self signed certificate. This is all covered in the doc.


2021-10-01, 18:12
Hi gontran (and others),

Using IIS, in you already have a domain registered (for a cheap domain I recommend hover.com; for a domain you want to be sure withstands DDNS attacks on the originating DNS servers, easydns.com has servers on 2 continents), you can easily create a free, self-renewing certificate using the free LetsEncrypt servers and the easy steps in this YouTube video: https://youtu.be/vbk5kUT7GeY