View Full Version : App Builder 5.4 crashed

2020-11-12, 05:11
Hi folks,

I'm evaluate on a Win 10 Computer.
Lianja App Builder is chrashing randomly while writing code, working in console or do something else.
There are no Outputs, no errormessages, not even freezing. It just disappear and it's not running anymore (Task Manager). It starts again, but all work is lost every time. Next time I do the same thing, it works all fine.

Is it something in evaluation? Is it a known bug will be fixed in 5.5? Can I do something about it, check anything or is there a log to look at?

2020-11-12, 05:16
Hi Stefan,

There was a random issue reported with the troubleshooter interacting with the editor. This has been fixed in 5.5 which in due to be released within a few days.