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2020-10-24, 14:28
Certbot (letsencrypt automation) uses virtual hosts, only. While this can be worked around (https://community.letsencrypt.org/t/understanding-virtual-hosts-requirement/62732/4) so that root appears as a virtual host to Cerbot, It would in fact be nice to have multiple domains hosted on one server, all served by the LCS.

Yes, I could try it first. :) And I thought I would ask first whether this would work or not.



2020-10-24, 21:25
certbot does in fact handle wildcard domains now.


However, note that in the forthcoming Lianja 6.0 release which will see the launch of Lianja Cloud there will be a docker image available to ISVs. You can install an SSL certificate onto the host and https will be proxied into the docker image. This will only be available to ISVs as it requires and ISV license due to the fact that multiple instances can be running at the same time using the same license key. It will not work with non-ISV licenses.


Why is SSL important other than the obvious security advantages?


Lianja now embraces Progressive Web Apps (PWA) which will only cache content (with massive performance improvements) when the server is running on either localhost or using https (SSL).

2020-10-25, 00:06
Hi Barry,

Great news all around!

This is just a small test server in the cloud that costs me $5/month: 2 cores, 2 GB ram, 80GB SSD. I doubt it could hold docker and still run. :) The Docker image for ISVs is just what we've been waiting for, though, for sites where we can't avail ourselves of the forthcoming Lianja Cloud. One interesting thing I've noticed. Compared to hitting the default page on IIS, the Ubuntu default page on Apache, accessed for the first time on my Win 10 workstation (so it can't have been cached) appeared instantaneously. I literally did a double-take.

Thanks for the info,


2020-10-25, 01:34
Hi Hank,

I think you may be pleasantly surprised. I have a development server up in AWS which is a lightsail instance.

I have linux installed and I have docker running on that instance. It is highly performant. Docker on linux is much better than docker on windows which uses a VM under the hood. On linux it uses native functionality not a VM.

As you know I'm working on Lianja Cloud. There is significantly more to it than just installing LCS as you will soon find out.

I'm a docker fan. I have an LCS docker image and a LAB docker image.

2020-10-26, 10:39
HI Barry,

I am ready to be pleasantly surprised.

The Docker ISV image will be very important for sites that won't move to the cloud: it puts the work on them, not us.