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2020-10-09, 17:15

Wasn't sure where to post this but: Why is the Mac version lagging so far behind the Windows and Linux versions?

I've been wanting to use it on my Mac laptop (13") for some time, but when I got the licence I installed it on the office PC (bigger screen and keyboard) so I could play with it there. I then got made redundant a couple of months back so no access to that PC. I got given an old 17" laptop that I put Kubuntu on, then I thought 'hey! I can put Lianja on that!' I did, now that laptop is dead... (Not blaming Lianja!).

Sooo, I know Apple have moved the goalposts a few times, and the new 'Apple silicon' Macs are coming, but why is the Mac download 2 years old?

I've looked through the forum posts but haven't found anything on this.



2020-10-10, 02:17
Hi Luis,

There are several reasons the biggest being prioritizing development. Most developers are using either windows or Linux. Using a VM on the mac allows either to be run. Web apps run across all platforms so they are not affected. Similarly when using docker on a Mac the cloud server can be run in a container.

Apple keep moving the goal posts regarding code signing and that was also a contributing factor.

Our goal is to bring it all up to the latest version when we release Lianja cloud which we are working on.

We will be providing docker images of both the cloud server and the app builder which can be run on the Mac in Lianja 6.0.

2020-10-10, 03:51
Hi Barry,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I appreciate the development prioritisation, I can only imagine the work that has gone in to the current versions!

The Docker image for the AppBuilder sounds very interesting! Quite forward thinking!

I'm a bit old school on VM's (I remember Word on the Mac running over an emulator... oh the pain...) so I'll hold out for a while, so in the meantime I'm going to see what I can do to get the Linux laptop running again, fingers crossed!