View Full Version : Add SQL Database to Lianja

2012-07-30, 11:00
I have a sql database, how I can add to lianja? This database is currently being used by an application developed in VFP

Thanks for your help.

2012-07-30, 11:41
What type of SQL database? MSSQL?

2012-07-30, 12:07
yes, the same, and contains records of several years and I want to migrate the application.

2012-07-30, 12:16
You can just open it as you would in VFP using SQLCONNECT(), SQLEXEC() or CursorAdaptor.

Lianja also lets you specify CONNSTR on the USE command:

use yourtable connstr 'odbc_dsn' where expression

Update: Since this post Lianja has implemented VirtualTables which handle the connection, cursoradaptor and transparent database access for you as if they were local tables. See the CREATE VIRTUALTABLE command in the documentation wiki