View Full Version : App permissions work while testing but not after deployment to cloud server

2020-01-24, 12:46
While previewing my app in browser view on my PC all static user permissions work as expected for each logged on user. The problem is when the app is deployed to the cloud server every user has full access to all elements. The system database containing user accounts and permissions and the app itself are up to date on the server so I have been racking my brain as to why there seems to be a difference between viewing the app in localhost vs the actual server. Any help or suggestions with this would be much appreciated.

2020-01-24, 18:52
Depending on what browser you use, you can inspect and view the headers returned when you login. This will help you see what roles the logged in user has.

If it works on your development machine it will work on a remote cloud server if you have deployed the system database.