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2019-11-21, 20:58
Hi Barry,

Is there a way to script the running of the Linux LCS install?

I have two purposes in mind where being able to script over SSH (which will happen through a Lianja App using Chilkat's SSH control) will be a big time-saver as well as a big quality control improvement.

If it can't, it's not a huge issue. But I've learned to ask about these things because of the many times I've waited, finally asked, and been told that such-and-such has been in the product for the past so-many releases. :)

While I can and will tell users that Lianja Cloud will be safer than anything they are likely to design, unless they have really good people on their IT staff they won't believe it. So the second-best in these instances, and others where it is a company requirement that it be on their servers, is locking down a script that no one else can touch that sets up the entire Linux image the best way possible.



2019-11-21, 21:27
Hi Hank,

Follow the installation instructions at:

But instead of executing this command:

$ sudo ./LianjaCloudServer-X.X.X-linux-x64-installer.bin

Execute this:

$ sudo ./LianjaCloudServer-X.X.X-linux-x64-installer.bin --mode text

Notice the need to use sudo to run the installer. This will prompt for the root (admin) password. Anyone who does not have that can't run it if you set the file permissions.

chown root LianjaCloudServer-X.X.X-linux-x64-installer.bin
chmod 700 LianjaCloudServer-X.X.X-linux-x64-installer.bin

2019-11-21, 21:48
Hi Barry,

That's (chown root) a good trick. OTOH, I don't plan to leave the installer on the server once it's been run.

That text mode will work. Chilkat SSH makes it easy to get back output and respond, so that's perfect. Thanks!

See? I thought there might be something. :)