View Full Version : Cloud server security

2019-10-27, 13:58
When we call getremoteaddr() when running on cloud server, we get nothing back.

Any pointers?



2019-10-27, 18:32
Can you explain what it is you are trying to achieve by using that built-in function. Is that related to your question about accept and deny masks which you deleted.

2019-10-28, 10:45
Yes - we found documentation about masking.

We want the option to add IP address masking to our apps, meaning that business web apps cannot be used outside the clients' premises if necessary. That means you can use a less onerous password regime.


2019-10-28, 11:28
Thatís all well and good not authenticating but by not doing so you will not be able to use roles and permissions that are linked to that.

If your clients are on Dynamic IP addresses allow/deny masks will not work effectively. This functionality is primarily only useful with fixed IP addresses.

Additionally not authenticating will exclude your app from the ability to run in the Lianja cloud.