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2019-10-20, 14:22
Hi Guys

Latest app works great in desktop and works really nicely as a web app now too.

1 issue.

There are dialogue buttons on sections 1 and 2, calling differnt web services.

Both work fine in desktop but in web, accordion section 1 dialog button works fine but accorrdion section 2 textbox dialogue button does not call js function.

If function calls are swapped to the other button, page 1 button calls section 2 function fine.

Are there any things to watch out for on subordinate sections?

Spent a whole day on this one issue now - seems impossibe to debug other than just trial & error - just disappears into nothingness

Any ideas?


2019-10-20, 20:26
Hi Simon,

It sounds like one of:

a. You have written the server-side proc assuming desktop state
b. You have not deployed the server side proc
c. You have an error in it

It's easy enough to debug in the browser. This has already been explained on several occasions.

1. In your browser open "Developer Tools" (browser dependent).
2. Look in the JavaScript console for errors in your code.
3. You can call your javascript function by name from the console e.g. myfunc()
4. You can use Lianja.evaluate() from the console to call your server side proc.

2019-10-21, 10:22
Thanks Barry

Went through it line by line and cut out commented out lines.

Works now but not sure why.

All good.