View Full Version : Python Path gets changed during install and breaks python-apps

2012-07-10, 11:37

When I install Lianja Beta 9R3 the python path gets changed from:
C:\Python27\Lib;C:\Python27\DLLs;C:\Python27\Lib\l ib-tk
C:\Program Files (x86)\Lianja\scriptinglanguages\python\Lib;C:\Prog ram Files (x86)\Lianja\scriptinglanguages\python\DLLs;C:\Pro gram Files (x86)\Lianja\scriptinglanguages\python\Lib\lib-tk

Of course this will break python apps who rely on the pythonpath to find the installed modules.

Any reason the 'general' python path gets changed and not just the one used by Lianja?

Frank Camp

2012-07-10, 21:23
Ah, the windows installer assumes you don't have python installed as Lianja has embedded Python built against a specific API version that needs to know the path. We will have a look at seeing if python is already installed at the correct version and skip the path change. On windows you have to copy your python modules into the Lanja python install. On Linux and Mac you can just create a symbolic link to the folder containing them. Same goes for PHP.

2012-07-11, 04:56
Submitted as Ticket.