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2019-07-20, 20:25

I wish to group my 25 apps into different groups so that the App Center only display one group of apps at one time.
I would think that displaying all 25 apps all at once might be intimidating to a user. Moreover the number of apps would be likely to increase over time. I plan to provide a app group selecter and the app center will display apps of the selected apps group

May I know how this can be done using Lianja App Centre?

Your advice is much appreciated

Thanks & Best Regards

2019-07-22, 05:38
Hi Tek Hong,

If this is for desktop, you can use the --homepageapp Command Line Switch (https://www.lianja.com/doc/index.php/Command_Line_Switches) to specify your own App as the home page / App Center after login.



2019-07-22, 09:30
Hi Yvonne

My app is a web app. Too many apps make finding an app challenging which is similar to Windows desktop with too many icons on the Windows desktop. I will submit an ER for this as I think it will have provide a more pleasant user experience

Many thanks & Best Regards

2019-09-01, 08:37
Lianja 5 has extended tenancy support which enables tenancy specific login and app center.

On windows (registry settings) and on linux environment variables.


This provides the ability for developers / ISVs to write custom pages.