View Full Version : Can Lianja be used in other development environments?

2012-07-03, 07:25

I have used the Advantage Database server on a occasion more specifically the Client Engine dll with programming languages like PowerBasic and Purebasic. Is it possible to use Lianja the same way and access all the data handling capabilities from other development environments? If not is this something that could be considered in the future?


2012-07-03, 07:32
Yes, the Lianja SQL Server has an ODBC driver and a JDBC driver

2012-07-03, 10:30
Yes, the Lianja SQL Server has an ODBC driver and a JDBC driver

Using ODBC means we lose the Data Manipulation commands like "Seek", "Skip", "Replace" etc. which is a little different than the Advantage Client which gives you access to all the SQL commands and Data manipulation commands.

2012-07-03, 10:35
We are not planning to provide such low level functionality. Our vision is more focussed on cloud and mobile.

2012-07-03, 10:37
Although it is worth pointing out that stored procedures can be written in vfp and use those navigational data commands.

2012-07-03, 18:55
Planning to test Lianja against my needs soon and will have a huge amount of web based functionality to bring over

So far, have imagined that I could use ODBC to get data from an existing SQL server as I do now.
Does the above mean that the resulting data set is not in the form of a fox cursor (meaning Data Manipulation commands like "Seek", "Skip", "Replace" are NOT available ) ?

If not, then how do we navigate the data and replace data items ?

2012-07-03, 19:40
Yes of course it does support VFP style local cursors as it has full vfp implementation built in. The thread above is talking about SQL odbc access. Full local cursor access (from sqlexec() etc) is supported just like VFP.

2013-03-28, 21:37
Since this question was asked we have released Lianja SQL Server which provides the ability to write stored procedures in Lianja/VFP so all of the commands you mentioned are available.

You can find details here (http://www.lianja.com/doc/index.php/Lianja_ODBC_Driver).