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2019-01-15, 10:46
Hello all
My mobile app is used for inventory taking , using multiple android devices.
Is there a way to store basic app settings locally, (text file). When the app is reopened I want to populate the department, user id, location, control parameters. At the moment I cannot do this and each time the app is closed \ minimised the settings are lost and have to be rekeyed. I cannot find a unique device id to enable me to store the device settings on the Lianja server.

Thank you
Paudie Walsh

2019-01-15, 18:40
Hi Paudie,

you could store all that info into a database table in the server.

If if you are building your app as a phonegap app you can get a unique device id in the ready delegate and then call a proc on the server to lookup the info you need. If there is no data for that device Id then create a new record.