View Full Version : Can Lianja apps work with other SQL databases

2012-06-29, 02:52
As we know, there are already other more commercially accepted SQL databases like MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle. Would Lianja apps be interoperable with these SQL databases, or will the users be "forced" to make due with the Lianja SQL Server?

2012-06-29, 03:41
No, Lianja works with its own embedded database, Lianja SQL Server or any other SQL database that has an ODBC driver e.g. Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL etc.

So as a developer, you choose what you want to use.

2012-08-06, 00:24
How would you use an MS-SQL database in your app? Does it have to create a "copy" of it in the Lianja database?

2012-08-06, 10:11
Hi Mike,

The SQL DB has to be imported create the Database, because that's where the metadata gets stored. You can then develop with that database or, when 1.0 comes out, it seems that you could then develop directly against the SQL DB. Not sure about that, however.


2012-08-06, 10:33
In Lianja you work against a snapshot of the live data as you state, then in final release the "data source" is a dsn that is used to connect to the live data at runtime.