View Full Version : Installing Lianja on a server with an existing apache install

2018-09-27, 17:17

I have a client that uses wordpress on windows (xampp install). Wordpress only supports Mysql/Mariahdb and apache.
I would like to write rsp pages to access the MariahDB.

I have installed Lianja on the machine, but even using port 8001, I am not able to access the Lianja Cloud server via a web browser on an outside machine. I can connect to 8001 in a local browser.
I have tried to play with the apache config file and .htaccess file, but I am just monkeying around.

If there is a simple solution, I would love to hear it. If not, I will just install on a separate machine.



2018-09-28, 04:40
Hi Herb,

The Apache plug-in is only available for Linux.

When running Apache it listens on port 80 and port 443. It knows nothing about Lianja Cloud Server listening on port 8001.

You should be able to use port 8001 just make sure you have opened it up on your firewall.