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2018-08-13, 01:46
I have a WebApp with many pages, so there are many lines in the Hamburger menu and on a smartphone (Android), the last 2 lines are not visible. How could I reduce the line height?
Thanks Georg

2018-08-13, 15:10
Hi Georg,

I see the Row Height in the Page Menu isn't implemented, according to the doc.

Collections appear to be, and might solved your challenge. https://www.lianja.com/doc/index.php/Page_Menu#Collections

good luck,


2018-08-14, 11:55
> Collections ... could solve your challenge <

Yes, it was a challenge for me again! Unfortunately not a "refreshing" one, because it is the same as with other Lianja topics:

It's often not clear what works and if so, what works in a DeskApp and what's in a WebApp and what are the differences.

(My WebApp is especially for smartphones (there are for example, tons of addresses with phone numbers (click to select), map routes and pictures ...):

Collections make little sense with my WebApp, because the Hamburger menu only gets longer with the "headings" (collections). So the last topics are not visible. And the sub-menus can not be folded!

A "navigation panel" makes no sense too:

a) because this makes the page area to be used narrower (smartphone!)
b) The navigation panel can not be closed like a hamburger menu.
c) Furthermore, the sub-menus in the WebApp can not be folded like in the DeskApp.

The following phenomenon also robbed me some time:
If I add a collection having the same name as a page, the collection will not be accepted (not visible and no error message!).

Perhaps you could mark the page and section attributes in different colors, which are only for DeskApps and which are only for WebApps.

Bye Georg

2018-08-15, 01:45
The fonts in web/mobile are standard bootstrap fonts. By using standard fonts the UI is consistent and relieves you from the need to specify fonts and handle different device resolutions.

If you turn a mobile device between portrait and landscape mode then obviously the height factor will change also.

How many static items are you wanting to dimply in the menu and what exactly do these navigate to?

A better explanation of what you are wanting to achieve would be useful in order to better answer your question.

2018-08-15, 03:14
Here are two screenshoots of my Android:

My WebApp is very simple. I'm showing 12 (later more) static html pages generated by another software (VFP).
Portrait direction: 11 submenus are visible only
Landscape direction: 5 submenus are visible only

Thanks and bye

2018-08-15, 03:35
Then clearly switching orientations is not going to work on all resolutions not matter what.

If you are asking me to provide a scrollable viewport for the hamburger menu then submit an ER.

2018-08-16, 01:18
Although you have not submitted an ER I have automatically handled scrolling navigation menus in web and mobile in 4.3.