View Full Version : Tip: Go to a Page in the Navigation Panel rather than a section

2018-08-04, 00:54
I'm using the Navigation Panel but wanted both sections on a page to show in Web, not just one at a time.

Here's the recipe I found that worked:


uncheck Stacked behavior at runtime -- this will restore your header, which is otherwise lost (as it is in example_webapp1, customers/order/details)
uncheck Accordion behavior
check Autolayout sections


enter the Auto layout percent

Nav Panel Datasource text file

You can leave the original entry that targeted one of the sections, or put in <pg>.* where <pg> is the name of your page.

The use of autolayout makes perfect sense: there's no way to know how a browser is going to be sized, or what will show on a tablet. For phone, you would presumably create an alias page without the Nav Panel and use the Hamburger menu instead (a nice ER would be an auto-switch to hamburger for phone). In App settings, presumably you would leave Mini Navigation Panel checked.



2018-08-10, 03:29
Hi Hank,

"Stacked behavior at runtime" is specifically for use with the navigation panel.

Combining "Accordion behavior" and "auto layout sections" does not make any sense as they cancel each other out. Its either one or the other.

It would seem all you want to do is display the section header which is hidden in a "stacked behavior at runtime" page.

2018-08-10, 10:43
HI Barry,

that's correct. I edited the post to reflect that.

It might be useful to be able to use non-stacked for web and tablet and stacked (with headers still showing) for mobile, but the ability to alias pages will make most sense in most cases, as the UI will have to change in most UI scenarios, a bit drastically. Lianja makes that easy, fortunately.,

Interestingly, the business need I am coming across is not for phone, but for tablet and web. Folks want to access their work apps from the comfort of their couches and recliners, but want the same familiar UI.