View Full Version : Finding a thread on instantiating a cursor for a section "on the fly"

2018-06-19, 20:44
Hi Barry, Josip, and all,

There was a thread recently, on another topic, and in it someone (I thought it was Herb, but can't find it by searching) wanted to know if they could substitute a cursor at runtime for the one specified. Barry replied a few messages later in the thread that this was now possible "in the current build" or words to that effect. And I can't find it.



2018-06-19, 21:45
Hi Hank,

Don't recall.

What is it you are wanting to achieve.

2018-06-19, 23:03
Hi Barry,

I don't need it for anything, just wanted to review it and tuck it away (Evernote) so I had it for a rainy day.

Unfortunately, the Search on the forum seems to only catch threads "started by" the user being searched.



2018-06-20, 01:41
I can only recall that Fabio wanted to have a temporary cursor instead of DB table as a data source

since it is not possible to insert a cursor in a grid gadget..
Is possible to create a phisical table, but to be temporary?
My data is temporary, if I add a table in the DB, if I use the same function from more than one instance.. all the user see the data of other user..

Herb said:

You can create a temporary table that is not in the database.

I know of two ways.

1. Create table c:\tempfabio free(Firstname Char(10), Id int)

By using the word free, it keeps it standalone.

2. use a table that starts with an underscore.

Select * from masterfabio into table _tempfabio


2018-06-20, 18:35
Thanks, Josip. That was the thread, although I see that I conflated that with another thread were Barry indicated he had done something to make that easy.

As I said to Barry, it's nothing I need.

Phabio's answer, which effectively asked "can I create a temporary table that looks like the real thing for a user" I solved 4 years ago. <s>