View Full Version : Gradually converting a Foxpro for Dos application

2018-02-24, 04:17
Hello all,

I'm asked to convert a FP 2.6 application.It should be done module by module (it is quite a big application), so converting the old-style dbf files is not an option. Is this possible, and can I CRUD the old dbf's by using a Virtual Table? Or is there some other solution?



2018-02-24, 05:55
Hi Lennert, it's a good idea.. ODBC and VT.
all the DB is on FoxPro table?

2018-02-24, 06:25
If itís FP 2.6 and you are not using cdx files then you can access them directly.

2018-02-24, 09:34
Hi Phabio and Barry (and others reading this), thanks for answering so quickly.

When the conversion is finished, I want to convert all tables to SQL. So ODBC and VT would be the ideal option for me.
Yes all tables are FP 2.6 tables and all of them have cdx. So I assume ODBC is even the only way to go.

Now the last issue I have to meet is: can Lianja automate both 32 and 64-bit Office (Word/Excel)? I see version 7 is planned to be fully 64-bit. Does that mean that from that moment on only automation with Office 64 is possible?


2018-02-24, 13:00
V7 of Lianja will have a 64-bit Native Build. That doesn't indicate it won't have a 32-bit build. In any case. .Net Core will be available by then in Lianja, so .Net automation will be available. This is important because of a) COM's security implications; and b) if you need a high-volume doc/xlsx option, apose.net is your answer and that, as the name indicates, is .Net. You could wrap apose in a web service, of course, but integrating it right into the LCS would be a more performant configuration.


2018-02-24, 23:08
Lianja for Windows is a 32-bit executable that supports 64-bit file access. Many applications on Windows are 32-bit running on 64-bit Windows.

A 32-bit executable can only access 32-bit COM/activeX and 32-bit ODBC drivers.

A 64-bit executable can only access 64-bit COM/ActiveX and 64-bit ODBC drivers.

Lianja for MacOS is a 64-bit executable.

Lianja for Linux is a 64-bit executable.

Incidentally there is no 64-bit version of Visual Studio but the 32-bit version runs fine on 64-bit windows.

With regards to accessing office files, if these is the office XML format they will be interchangeable between 32-bit and 64-bit.