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2018-02-14, 12:33
Hello Lianja Team!!

I have a few questions about deployment to production:

- How the app should be deployed to run in a third party hosting.
- How the desktop version of the app can access to the cloud database (hosted in third party provider)

Also you can send me information about how to deploy to production correctly and if

2018-02-14, 16:59

I'm not Liana Team, but...

Deployment is covered in the docs very well. https://www.lianja.com/doc/index.php/Deploying_to_Local_Directory

You will find many links to follow. If you google "Lianja install" you will find directions for that. Etc. Everything is there: google Lianja <topic> where you put in the name of the topic and you will find the information.

A desktop app is not made to access a database over the internet, as it uses ODBC connections which by nature do not have the fault tolerance required over the internet. You could work around this by creating the Virtual Table as "call <stored procedure>" and then have the stored procedure do an oData call to the Lianja database. You would have to handle your updates that way also. It could get very complicated. Maybe the Lianja team will lay out an easier way to do this -- I think it's pretty amazing that it could be done at all.

A better approach is to write the app as a web app and then for desktop produce it as an Electron app, which will work directly of the cloud server wherever hosted.

good luck,


2018-02-14, 17:42
Thanks for the Info

Do you know hosting providers that support Lianja?

2018-02-14, 22:39
As of the next version, Lianja will be hosting Lianja.

Other than that, it doesn't take a special provider to host Lianja. You can get a Linux server from BudgetVM or a Windows server from 1&1 and host it. You'll need to learn a little in either case (don't think of running without SSL; learn how to lock down the server). With most server providers you can also purchase managed services if you won't want to delve into running a server safely.

For those who want to host an application safely and don't want to develop another specialization in server management, the Lianja hosting environment will be the way to go, it seems to me. Plus, hosting with Lianja you aren't having to buy a server license and the managed services. I don't know the pricing yet, but when all the pieces are added up (and without all the pieces you will a) put your customer at great risk and b) lose all credibility), I think it's likely to be very reasonable.


2018-02-15, 03:52

Developers' try-and-errors in a collection of forum posts about deployment: