View Full Version : Start/Stop/Restart LCS programmatically?

2018-01-31, 14:15
It there a "Lianja way" to Stop/Start/Restart the LCS?

I can do it on windows no problem (using a RUN command on a .bat file, or WScript or CScript, etc.), but thought I'd ask if there is a cross-platform Lianja way.



2018-01-31, 18:16
In Windows you have the Lianja Server Manager.

On Linux you have CLI commands.

In Lianja Cloud you will have the Lianja Admin Dashboard.

Can you explain what you are wanting to perform these operations for as there may be something built-in that achieves it.

If you a are wanting to alter database or alter table or simply update some files while the Cloud Server is running you should see the following doc.

2018-01-31, 21:36
Hi Barry,

I want to give support the ability to restart the LCS in the case of a hung process, but to do this from a web app (the idea being that the less direct connection to s server, the more secure that server will be). I can use run net... on Windows and CLI commands on Linux (with some research for Linux but Google is my friend). If there were a Lianja way to make this happen, I would have preferred to use that. It's not a need, just checking that I wasn't re-creating the wheel.