View Full Version : Using odbc - examples , tutorials .... ?

2012-06-13, 11:21
Hoping that BETA 9 have more informations about using ODBC , but nothing !
The same questions: example, tutorials about accessing other database from LIANJA !
From my point of view it's very important to understand how to use this section ! I thought that i make in DATA SECTION a link to a DB and after that i can build my form and so on. But I see that is only section IMPORT (by the way POSTGRES does not work ! 76 Tables , 1 GB data ) !
Any help !
Thanks a lot !

2012-06-13, 11:44
Sorry, yes we do need to provide examples on alternative data sources - we will try and get that one pushed up the list.

We haven't seen any issues with the IMPORT/ODBC Console use of the PostgreSQL ODBC Driver - are you finding this with all your tables?

2012-06-14, 01:45
About import: I try once again to import from POSTGRES DATABASE. Realy the procedure didn't crash but the video is "freezing" and there is no message or status about import. It work for about 3 hours to import my DB( 73 tables, 1 GB data) - does not import TRIGGGER and FUNCTIONS. It was just a test because I want to "work" with the original DB. Thanks

2012-06-18, 06:04
If you get the chance, can you check the database folder and see how far it got by the files that were created (date/timestamp)? Then let us know some details (structure/size) of the last one it imported and the next one it failed to import (should be alphabetical). Thanks.