View Full Version : [SOLVED] PhoneGap LiveView Server failed to start

2017-10-31, 05:34
A bug in the Adobe PhoneGap phone-gapcli v7.1.0 (https://github.com/phonegap/phonegap-cli/issues/746) was causing the PhoneGap LiveView Server in Lianja Phone/Tablet App Views to fail to start.


This has been fixed in phonegap v7.1.1.

To check whether you are running phonegap v7.1.0, issue the following command in Windows command window/powershell, Linux/macOS terminal:

phonegap -v

To upgrade to the latest phonegap version (at time of writing v7.1.1):

npm install -g phonegap

To upgrade specifically to v7.1.1:

npm install -g phonegap@7.1.1