View Full Version : Question on how grids are loaded on different pages.

2017-10-09, 12:11

I was curious on how grids are populated when they are not on the current page.
Here is my situation.

I have three pages, all with custom vfp only. On page 2 and page 3, I have grids defined and recordsources assigned to each of them.

When on page 1 (my start of the application), isset() returns .f. when I check for the grid names on page 2 and page 3 - which I would expect.

When I navigate to page 2, isset() returns .t. for the grids on page 2 AND on page 3. I have not yet referenced the grids on page 3, I am using dynamic SQL from MSSQL into a local free table to populate the grid on page 3.

Prior to actually navigating to page 3, I am clearing the grid, removing the recordsource and then re-adding it again to get the correct row numbers.

I know what I am doing is kind of outside the norm, but was curious if this is the expected behavior? If it is, it's not an issue as I can handle it.



2017-10-09, 20:32
Hi Herb,

If you look in the App Inspector events you will see when refresh is called.