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2017-07-08, 00:48
Hi all,

Is there an overview available for that Custom deploy option in Settings?

What I'm wondering is what kinds of information are passed to the custom app (if any)?

Related to that: is it called once, or multiple times?

Yes, I know I could figure this all out on my own, but it's so much easier this way. <s>



2017-07-10, 04:23
Hi Hank,

My understanding is that the 'Custom' Publisher allows you to specify the 'Path' for the publisher command and the 'Arguments' to pass to that command.

In the App Settings, where this can also be defined (Deployment), it gives the following examples:

Publisher: The optional full path of the publisher program, e.g. /usr/bin/rsync.
Arguments: The optional arguments to the publisher program, e.g. -avc for rsync.



2017-07-10, 12:01
Hi Yvonne,

So looking at rsync parameters, it appears that the Custom app gets, in addition to whatever customer arguments one has, the local file path and the remote file path, which means one call per file.

Furthermore, it appears that the Custom app gets "run" as a system executable, which makes things a bit more complicated. A Custom Script option would be handy. :) As contrasted with running LianjaRuntime.exe for every file.

Anyway, not important: I have other fish to fry. :)