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2017-06-13, 12:27
If you are like me, with no experience with Linux, this will help you to install Lianja on Linux

For some reason I could not install it in graphic mode as described here: https://www.lianja.com/doc/index.php/Install_App_Builder_on_Linux
Maybe because I am not logged as superuser or some permission problem, I needed to use text mode.

Where is the text mode on Linux?
Search for "Terminal" or look under Applications.
You will get something like Command Window to write line by line:

cd Downloads
(in case Lianja installation file is downloaded into default download folder)

dirs *
(it will throw some error, but this way you will see exact name of Lianja file:

chmod +x ./LianjaAAppBuilder-4.0Beta8-linux-x64-installer.bin
(I suppose 'x' is for execute permission. Or you can change this in file properties permissions by rightclicking while in graphic mode)

sudo ./LianjaAAppBuilder-4.0Beta8-linux-x64-installer.bin --mode text
('sudo' prefix enables installation for logged user not being superuser ('administrator' role does not count).
Linux will ask you for password, the same one you are logged in with.)

On CentOS there is no icon on the Desktop after installation. You need to run Lianja in text mode.

On Ubuntu there is Lianja icon to run from.

I hope this info will help some beginner in Linux who wants to see Lianja on that platform too.


2017-06-13, 17:49

You have access to beta releases that others do not. When we release the final builds for linux and Mac we will update the installation guide which may well be different to your experiences with installing pre-release builds.