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2017-02-27, 06:05

I Need information how to programming mobile barcode scanners, for setting up a inventory stockroom.

I have no experience in it.

Have to compare barcodes from an picklijst and the stock, also collect barcodes for flushing data.

So what I need is programming a menu, some functions, and a small database in the barcode scanner.
Also upload and download this data.

Can I use Lianja for this, and if so, can I write it in VFP or must it be Java ?

Are there minimal resources nessecary in the scanner, memory ?. The most of the mobile scanners work under Window CE with 256 MB
Thanks for information in advance.

2017-02-27, 07:20
Take a look at this info:



Fabio, chime in!

Also: http://www.lianja.com/community/showthread.php?870-Lianja-App-with-OpenSource-Barcode-Scanner

2017-02-27, 11:35
There are a number of plug-ins for PhoneGap/Cordova that will integrate a barcode reader into a mobile app. A google search will get you to them.


2017-02-27, 14:04
Hello, thanks for the info, it's not exactly what I ment with my question.
What I really want to know, if I create a small project in Lianja can I compile it and place it on a mobile barcode reader together with it's database.
Will It run on the mobile scanner on Windows CE, 256 MB or is Windows CE to small for the exe and librarys and small database.
Or will it work with when the memory is upgraded ?

2017-02-27, 16:33

if Lianja runs on Windows CE I would be amazed: WinCE is not Windows (different Kernel, etc.).

I would think in the opposite direction: get an ruggedized Android table, add a first-class scanner, and write an app to work with it. If there is any volume at all involved, make sure you get a scanner that can work in low light. That typically means a laser barcode. Using the built-in camera, even with a flash (can you imagine that going off all over the place during inventory?) -- because even with a flash there's the "settling in" time these cameras require for focusing.


2017-02-27, 18:48
Hello snelsoft,

Lianja does not run on CE. Does it still exist?

For mobile devices you should be building a PhoneGap app use a PhoneGap plugin to read the bar codes.

You use JavaScript (not Java) with the Lianja Web Framework which includes most of the VFP built-in functions. You call VFP code that runs on the server from the device.

There are several other alternatives to this also:

1. Use LianjaCloudDataServices.js with a third party framework to handle all CRUD operations and call Lianja/VFP code on the server.

2. Build a native app and make OData calls to interact with the Lianja Cloud Server.

2017-02-28, 22:36
1. Use LianjaCloudDataServices.js with a third party framework to handle all CRUD operations and call Lianja/VFP code on the server.

Just in case I missed this somewhere are there any links or examples of 3rd party frameworks OR recommended?
Thanks Paul