View Full Version : Problem with virtual table app when using VFP ODBC data source

2017-01-11, 21:15
My app works fine in development and web app view, but when I use Preview to see it running in the browser, I get a Server connection lost -message. Demo apps run fine, as do test apps using Lianja SQL server. I made sure that the virtual table has a primary key. Is ODBC problematic with apps running in the browser, or am I maybe missing something?

I will try the demo that use ODBC/VT's once I have installed MySQL on my dev machine to see if I missed something in the setup.


2017-01-12, 00:03
Hi Pertti,

No, ODBC is fine in web and mobile apps.

Have you deployed the database containing your virtual table? Web app view uses your development data whereas preview uses deployed data so the database needs to be deployed.

2017-01-12, 12:16
Hi Barry,

I wasn't aware of that, I thought that as long as I'm doing everything on my development machine, including web view, I don't need to deploy databases. I'll take a closer look at that. Thank you.

2017-01-12, 14:23
Yep, that was it. Works great now!