View Full Version : Anyone have beta or live apps that could be viewed?

2016-12-01, 13:09
I'm in the process of reviewing / investigating Lianja development tools with a view to using them and so just wondering does anyone have any beta or live web or mobile apps that I could view to see what an end result looks like?

Would also appreciate hearing about any bottle necks and how they were solved during a development cycle?

Any other thoughts or input would be very much appreciated.


2016-12-02, 11:12
Hi Andy,

I have live desktop apps that I re-wrote in Lianja.
The front end is all html5, so it looks any way you want it to. Meaning, you can leave the controls as they are, or use a CSS file.

Also - Lianja gives you the ability to create mobile and web via drag and drop, or custom code.

Which way were you thinking of building?


2016-12-02, 15:41
Hi Andy,

except for some exciting UI stuff coming in the build currently under development, just about anything Lianja can do is covered in the example apps.

Well, Herb Mischel has done some stuff that's quite remarkable that's way outside what normal apps do: search for him on YouTube (or on this forum) and you can see some of the stuff he's created.

When I chose Lianja as our going-forward application platform a little over 5 years ago, I knew everything wouldn't work on day 1 (there wasn't even a beta at the time). What I knew, however, from having talked with Barry, is that what didn't work would get fixed, and get fixed very quickly. That has always proven to be the case.

So what I'm saying is that a) a lot of bottle-necks have been mitigated due to feedback; and b) if you find more of them, ticket them well (i.e., making the case with examples, Use Case's, works really well; banging on the table, figuratively speaking, does not) and if future follows past, they also will be mitigated.