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2016-11-26, 13:10
I've deployed example_webapp1 and when I open the app in a browser, I get a message saying "Server Connection Lost". When I click on the Employees tab in the app I see...

Page cannot be displayed as a runtime error has occurred.
Error information has been saved in: D:\lianja\server\error\error0078.mem
Error number:

Error message:
File 'dbc_opendata.dbo' does not exist

Error line:
open database southwind

Error position:

Called from program - _temp00001ae8_1.dbo at line 180

I've deployed the southwind database and I can see the files, including dbc_opnedata.dbo, in the D:\lianja\cloudserver\tenants\public\data\southwin d folder. The really irritating thing is, I had this running yesterday and was able to access from several machines on my local network. Today, I've been playing around with deployment and now nothing is working. I'm pretty sure I've done something but I can't work out what!

I have reviewed the error78.mem file referenced in the error message but I don't see anything that stands out. The paths referenced are all correct and the "missing" file is present in the referenced data folder. I've checked the permissions on the data folders and given everyone full rights. I've reviewed the deployment docs, videos and forum threads but nothing jumps out.

I'm also having some problems with deploy and generating tablet_index.html so it's possible that my playing about has caused damage. My next step is to uninstall and re-install but I figured I would check here first.

Any thoughts?


Rob C.

2016-11-26, 20:21
Did you also deploy the system database?

Also, I've seen some problems in database deployment (reported in a ticket) when the database is still open. I would close the app and deploy system and southwind from the main Deploy button (bottom left, above Console).


2016-11-27, 07:36

I closed the app and deployed all databases, including the system database, in the deploy work space with the same result.

Seeing as I've been messing about with settings and deployment etc. I decided to start with a clean slate and see if things stabilise. To that end, I've uninstalled everything, cleaned up all the folders, re-booted my system, made sure my VPN is disconnected and unloaded and then re-installed to default folder locations.

I will start test shortly and see how things stand.


Rob C

2016-11-27, 09:34

Iv'e uninstalled and re-installed using default folders and everything, other than generating tablet_index.hmtl, is working as expected.


Rob C