View Full Version : Lianja App Center tiles can now contain dynamic content

2012-05-19, 08:16
In Lianja Beta8 Refresh 6, the tiles in the App Center now handle "live" content updates when the App Center (Home workspace) is selected or Lianja App Center is run. Each tile can have App specific live HTML formatted content e.g. a count of the number of pending orders, a total of messages left for a user etc. The "Timer" delegate for each App tile displayed and its refresh interval are specified in the App Settings dialog. If no delegate is specified then Lianja will look for a file called "update_tile.prg", "update_tile.py", "update_tile.php" or "update_tile.js" in the folder for the App. If any of these exist they are executed at the specified timer interval. They should just return an HTML formatted string which will be rendered as the tile contents. Works across Desktop, Web and Mobile. This provides a notification/status view for users without them having to open Apps to see if there is any new content for them.