View Full Version : Gestures record navigation in Lianja v2.1

2016-07-03, 03:03
In Lianja v2.1, Lianja Mobile Apps now allow you to navigate the records in your apps using the familiar left, right, up and down "swipe" gestures.

Swipe Left navigates to the next record, Swipe Right navigates to the previous record, Swipe Up goes to the last record and Swipe Down goes to the first record. Tap and Hold edits the record.

These gestures are only effective in Form, Canvas and Custom sections.

You can override this behavior by enabling gestures in the section attributes and write your own gesture delegate (which may me specified using the inline delegate syntax).

Note also that navigation swipe gestures are not available if you have enabled "Swipe Navigation" in the page attributes. If you have enabled "Swipe Navigation" in the page attributes, then Swipe Left and Swipe Right navigates between the next and previous pages in the App. Swipe navigation is also available in TabPanel sections.Swiping Left and Right navigates between the different Tabs.