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2016-06-22, 16:22
Hi, are there some Python developed Lianja examples? It might be very helpful for me. I'm little bit confused about custom developing with python, and about how to structure the Lianja project, how It should looks like. I know It's on the developer's choice, but... I'm quite new to Lianja.

2016-06-22, 18:57
If you open the lianjademo app you will see some Python sections and gadgets in the pages menu. Select the python section, then click the little keyboard icon in the section header to edit/view the code.

The developers guide on the Lianja website has documentation on how to use Python to build custom sections and custom gadgets.

Also, I was able to reproduce the python crash after removing the code at the bottom of a custom Python section and I have subsequently fixed this in v2.1 which should ship next week.

2016-06-23, 02:10

Here is a list of Python demos: http://www.lianja.com/community/showthread.php?3426-exploring-demo-Where-I-can-see-some-Python-code-(PY)
Also, look at tips: http://www.lianja.com/community/showthread.php?3046-Answers-Python