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2016-04-11, 06:06
I followed "A guide to building Lianja Mobile business database Apps (https://www.lianja.com/resources/blog/39-coding-tips/446-a-guide-to-building-lianja-mobile-business-database-apps)" to step 6.
Using Android phone and Lianja App Builder on Windows 10 laptop. Trying mobile demo apps only.
1.WiFi set on router, on development Win10 machine and phone.
2.On Win10: Lianja App Builder | Projects | lianja_mobiledemo | lianja_mobiledemo (doubleclick) | Phone App View | LiveView
(Message:...is now runnung...connect to
3.On Android: PhoneGap | Server Address: | Connect
(Messages:...Downloading...Extracting...Success!.. .)
App header is showing with label captions and after "Loading..." or refreshing, an error:
"server connection lost
the server failed to respond"

Suspecting on Visual Studio I uninstalled once again (1) MS Visual Studio, (2) Lianja APaaS and (3) node.js additionally. Then installed Lianja again, no Visual Studio yet.

Interesting points, maybe relevant, maybe not:
1) According LiveView, Phonegap LiveView Server is running, but when I issue the commands in Command Window, regardless before LiveView or after LiveView, get always the same error:

cd "C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\npm"
phonegap serve
[error] project directory could not be found
2) When I change app in Lianja App Builder, the PhoneGap on phone is automatically refreshing / reconnecting.
3) Trying to open the "example_pagecenter" on phone, only header+menu+arrows are shown, no 2 icons and no "Select a Page" title.
4) The Firewall is off, no VM involved.

What am I missing to get data from server displayed on my phone, as I get labels and headers?


2016-04-11, 08:35
Hi Josip,

Is your Lianja Server definitely running on your development machine?



2016-04-11, 09:37
Yes, Lianja Server is definitely running on development machine.
On the bottom of Lianja Server Manager:

"Running - Lianja Server"

On top:

Green arrow icon, "Start/Continue" disabled, other buttons enabled.

Right now
active connections

Max connections: 50 (with licence information).
(in which occasion can I see this number "Right now" is ever changed? Is this live LCD?
This is only 1 digit place and I do not remember seeing anything but "0")
Truly, I rarely look it.

I did not change any setting of Lianja Server and Windows Firewall is turned off.


2016-04-11, 10:24
Hi Josip,

Yes, the number updates to show the active connections.

Can you connect to in your phone's browser and run the Apps?



2016-04-11, 11:14
Hi Yvonne,

I can connect from phone's Chrome to this IP address (:8001)
and after log in (admin/admin) get Lianja App Center with 3 tiny :-) known app icons.

Running them I get data and everything is looking fine. I am impressed viewing Lianja for the first time on my phone.
I checked Lianja Server Manager: 6 active connections (expected 1 although: suddenly these 50 does not seam too many anymore).

Immediately, I tried PhoneGap again (:3000) but no avail.
I feel we are almost there.


2016-06-23, 06:47
For anyone interested in this thread. These issues were resolved on tickets.

2017-06-29, 00:07
Hi Barry,
I am facing the same problem. Preview mode works well.
In LiveView mode: the mobile device shows the UI screen, thereafter shows "loading" for 5 mins, then pops "Server Connection lost". Hence, the UI shows a combobox that is not populated and also a non-working commandbox ...

Anybody can point me towards the right direction to troubleshoot? Thkq

2017-06-29, 02:51
I found the solution here https://lianjadeveloper.wordpress.com/2017/01/21/phonegap-4/
Turn off the firewall and it works.
Hope it helps others. Good day :)

2017-06-29, 03:12
Hi Wintz,

Instead of turning Firewall off, enable the port for PhoneGap in your Firewall.
On Win10 you need new Outbound Rule (private)


You set port 8001


And Inbound Rule too:




2017-06-30, 20:02
Thanks guys for sharing the Information!
So important to document in the forum any "tricks" or "smarts"...
Appreciate it :D