View Full Version : Tip: The order of installing Lianja and MS Visual Studio

2016-04-07, 08:07
I had a fresh Windows installation on my laptop and got an error with mobile demo app and PhoneGap:

1.open project lianja_mobildemo | Apps | example_mobileapp1 (doubleclick)
2.Phone App View
3.(Android) LiveView
...Starting PhoneGap LiveView server...

(no IP address shown)

The order of installing Lianja and MS Visual Studio does matter.
It seams that MS Visual Studio installed its own node.js and prevented Lianja's correct installation of node.js component.

CLEAN uninstalled MS Visual Studio (without Control Panel) according this link https://helloacm.com/clean-uninstall-of-visual-studio-2010-and-2012-and-install-free-visual-studio-2013-community-version/
uninstalled Lianja (in Control Panel)
installed Lianja again (checked: PhoneGap LiveView Server starts ok)
installed MS Visual Studio again. Now PhoneGap LiveView Server starts ok.

If you need to have Lianja and Visual Studio on the same machine, and want to develop mobile apps in Lianja with PhoneGap: install Lianja first, then MS VIsual Studio.