View Full Version : Displaying PDF file from location info in a table column

2016-03-26, 19:45
I would like to allow my users to click on a cell in a column of a Grid or Report section that contains the location of a PDF or JPG file (e.g. \data\jane_doe\resume.pdf) and have the PDF file displayed...any ideas?

2016-03-27, 13:24
1) make the column a URL

2) in the link click delegate of the section, the controlsource and the text of the field are passed, so you can know what action to initiate

3) that action would be to show the pdf, which you can do with Lianja.showDocument(...), or various other ways available in Lianja (e.g., DocumentView section).



2016-03-28, 10:53
Thanks...are there any similar examples in the demo apps?

2016-03-28, 11:19
Yes, there are.

Josip will probably drop in with some collected notes. <s>

Anyone new to Lianja would do well to explore each and every demo app. That's part of the learning process. Do 4 a day and you'll be done in a week or so.