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2016-02-11, 04:39
I was preparing to talk with the existing customer/user about next generation of software he is using now.
A picture is worth 1000 words, so I adapted the image from Lianja Overview page on the site.

I stripped some stuff and left only those that are interesting and understandable to them. And I added some.

If you need to talk with your prospects, I hope this image will help you to explain Lianja to them.


How do you talk to others about Lianja?
If you find some other Lianja aspects interesting to non-technical prospects, let me/us know.

2016-02-11, 05:16
Hello Josip,
I'm talking to some customers of how to implement the current system, outdated and Windos xp-dependent, but tested and working, with a modern solution.

All with the aim, over time, to then move throughout the system.

the initial goal is to share tables between the old system and Lianja, in order to develop new features for integration with the web site.

In this case I share the Item Table, all the CRUD activity is on the old system, then in Lianja, I've a related item table with a additional infomation for the web site.



2016-02-12, 04:19
Hi Phabio/Jozip

I am also speaking to some tame clients about our direction with Lianja.

I have also positioned Lianja as a middleware/ETL tool for databases via virtual tables and also web services. So in the short term to use Lianja just as a backend and hopefully it grows from there.