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2016-01-25, 00:01
After problems with 2 PCs - HD replacements I have reinstalled "LianjaAPaaSDeveloper-1.5-windows-installer". (Just ran the exe.)

No error message. Lianja App Center is OK, but get startup screen and Hang only for Lianja App Builder.

Running with "--reset" makes no difference.

Using Windows 7.1.



Andrew McGurk

2016-01-25, 00:07
If you have already activated the license it cannot be activated on another computer which is the case if you changed the HD.

If this is a clean install and you have an internet connection Lianja will run in 30-day trial mode.

Maybe its time to upgrade to v2 and keep with current developments as v1.5 is now no longer supported.

2016-01-25, 00:54
Hi Andrew,

Your subscription is still active from when you purchased so you can update to v2.0 at no charge.

2016-01-26, 00:08
Have downloaded version 2 and installed with same result. i.e. Just hangs on opening logo.

(Have been away from Lianja for a while. Feel very rusty!)



2016-01-26, 00:54
Can you provide details as to what operating system you are installing on and whether or not you have an Internet connection on the machine. Did you reinstall the operating system on this drive? What drive? C, D etc.

Submit all this information on a ticket. if the app center runs and the app builder will not it may be a licensing issue.

2016-01-26, 02:00
Windows 7 Home Premium

Internet connection present.

App center runs but the app builder doesn't.

2016-01-26, 02:21
Please submit a ticket and provide all details as I asked regarding installation drive.

We have not had any issue like this reported by anyone installing v2.0.

2016-01-26, 15:47
Hi Andrew,

I've seen the Home Windows versions fail on various installs, fwiw. You should be using a Professional version.