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2016-01-17, 19:47
Hi Barry,

I have just had the time to have a look at the example.c code in c:\lianja\extensions\

It's very well done and easy to follow. Thank you for the excellent comments in the code.

Also - thanks for including a usable example to illustrate how this works within the application and how it flows seamlessly.

This just works great.

myObject = createObject("example_class")
wait window myObject.Sayhello()

I am definitely going to do some videos on this since you have made it incredibly simple to work with.

Visual Studio 2010 is giving me all sorts of fits on my Windows 10 machine. I assume that I can use mingw32 for my compiles (I have QT and codeblocks installed).

Thanks again.


2016-01-17, 19:57
Hi Herb,

The extensions are normally built using Visual Studio.

I haven't tried building them using mingw32 but as long as you use the Qt 5.5 install it should be fine.

If you are using Qt in your extensions then you need to use Qt 5.5 and mingw32 NOT visual studio.

2016-01-17, 21:49
Hi Herb,

Just so you know, you cannot install Visual Studio 2010 on windows 10, you need to install a later version e.g. Visual Studio 2013 or Visual Studio 2015.

We have had to stay on Visual Studio 2010 due to the fact that exes built on windows 10 will not run on XP and we still support that as a client. Hence the reason I build on Windows 7.

I would gladly drop XP and other older versions of windows but judging from the website analytics I see that many people are still on older versions of windows.

2016-01-17, 22:00
Hi Herb,

One last thing on the topic of C/C++ extensions...

Remember that you can also build extensions as hybrid HTML5/JavaScript/Lianja .rsp pages and use a "WebView".

Also... ChilKat built all their components as native Lianja components using the C/C++ extensions API.

Internally, I use this API extensively also.

This is why I occasionally get impatient with developers who keep asking for something without actually understanding that Lianja has an extensible architecture. It was written this way on purpose.

So the answer to the "Can I do xxx questions" is usually "yes if you understand the extensions capabilities of Lianja".

Developers who don't know C/C++ and want specific components written can request them as an enhancement, in which case they will be reviewed and we will decide if the request is something useful to other developers, or alternatively they can sponsor the development so we "pull" the development up in the roadmap. This is how we work as an agile development team.

How many other companies operate in the manner? Very few that I know of.

The development roadmap is core to the agile development process which we have stayed true to since we started developing Lianja.

2016-03-08, 13:30
Hi Barry,

You said:

...you cannot install Visual Studio 2010 on windows 10, you need to install a later version e.g. Visual Studio 2013 or Visual Studio 2015.

I have recently VS2010 installed on Win10. Your observation made me a little nervous: will I have some problems which I do not see yet?
Or is it something with C/C++ only ?

I choose C# environment as default and by now all works as expected.

And...I suppose extensions for Lianja can not be written in C# , only in C/C++ ?


2016-03-08, 18:06
Hi Josip,

Visual studio 2010 is according to Microsoft not supported on Windows 10. If you got it to work that's fine but we ourselves don't build on Windows 10 for various technical reasons.

The extensions API is for C/C++ only.