View Full Version : ODBC connection to Lianja from Python

2015-12-30, 21:30

I've tried to figure this one out on my own, but no luck.
I have a migration process to Lianja occurring in stages.
But the data will be live I Lianja from Day 1.

I need the rest of the applications to be able to read the data from python until they are all moved over.

I am testing out how best to access the Lianja databases from outside Python code.

To test, I have configured the Lianja ODBC connection "Lianja_Soutwind" and successfully tested the connection.

However, I am unable to connect using pyodbc.

Is there a different, recommended way I should be connecting to Lianja?



2015-12-31, 03:13
You would appear to be using your own Python installation which is probably x64 rather than the python we provide that is also embedded in Lianja.

As per the error message you have a x64 and x86 mismatch of drivers.

2015-12-31, 06:16
Hi Barry,

Thanks for that. I am still coming up to speed on python.

We have an internal team at the Fund that uses Python a lot. I am trying to show them the light of Lianja :)

So for now, I do need to test both the code in Lianja and from the current external install.

It's all working now. Thanks for your help.