View Full Version : Import DBF file to lianja

2015-11-16, 20:08

I have this existing tables in dbf format. How could I import it to lianja so that I can use/access it without creating the tables again?

I tried to copy it on the lianja\data folder but upon opening lianja app builder, it is not found on the data work place.

Any idea on this? Thanks a lot.

2015-11-16, 20:40
Drag and drop them in the data workspace. They will automatically be converted to Lianja format and added to the active database.

Thats the easiest way, there are others.

2015-11-16, 21:01
is that the same with the existing triggers? I'll just have to drag and drop it to the current db or copy it?


2015-11-16, 22:22
No the VFP database/table import does not import triggers. You have to create them using the ALTER TABLE command and place the trigger code in the database container directory.