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2012-05-07, 15:58
The Lianja Object Model blog is a good start, but there are a few things missing (and they are probably there in some other form), hence the question.

In VFP, I would use amembers() on an object to get the properties and/or methods. Or, if it hadn't been broken, I could have iterated the sub-objects. I tried iterating from the console on a page object, using this code:

loProdPage = Lianja.getelementbyid("Product")
foreach oItem in loProdPage
loItem = oItem

and in the debugger it would freeze on line 3 (foreach).

Being able to map what is there now is a key to building tools, of course. Any hints or suggestions welcomed.



2012-05-07, 20:27
That will be fixed in beta8 refresh 5.

The amembers() function is not implemented. We will include introspection of objects in 1.1 as it requires a bit of work. The engine handles it but we need to enable it for each class in the framework.