View Full Version : After BROWSE - pointer to record?

2012-05-05, 08:56
Hi all,

After executing a browse (basis is a cursor) ... how can I get a pointer to the record after pushing 'Done'?
The record pointer does not be the current record#, but is eof()

thanks for answer

2012-05-05, 09:03
There is a blog article on Lianja.com that explains it. There is a system variable _result which holds the number of the record selected or 0 if cancel was clicked.

2012-05-05, 10:23
Specifically this blog article: http://www.lianja.com/resources/blog/39-coding-tips/112-how-to-browse-mssql-server-or-other-data-in-lianja

The Custom Search blog article, http://www.lianja.com/resources/blog/39-coding-tips/133-custom-query-builders , uses recno(), because within the context of the delegate, you have switched the workarea to the search cursor.

2012-05-05, 11:31
functions properly,
Thanks to lianjasupport, thanks to Hank