View Full Version : Desktop Graphicso-Only Deployment

2012-05-05, 00:07
Barry has written about a desktop deployment option where the app runs on a server, and only the graphics are shared. He described what needed to be done, on Linux and on Windows (I forget whether he mentioned Mac).

Even with the great search capabilities we have today, I can't find what he wrote.

No hurry, obviously. And it would great to have a blog/document on this



2012-05-05, 00:13
Since that was mentioned other available solutions have surfaced that are better and simpler. At some point we will blog them so you can get a grasp of the options open to you.

In fact there is no real need to install anything on the desktop when using such things as vmware view (which is fast btw) and on linux the ltsp (Linux Terminal Server Project) can be installed. Many linux distros come with this as standard and Ubuntu in particular uses high compression so the performance is quite good.

There are also ipad Apps such as that from wyse which run the Lianja App from a remote server... Just some thoughts.