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2015-08-07, 11:17
Lianja Mobile Apps sneak preview (http://www.lianja.com/doc/index.php/Lianja_Mobile_Apps_Preview_(Video))

2015-08-07, 21:58
Very impressive!

2015-08-07, 22:52
Yes, very impressive!

Version 2 is a certainly big step forward for mobile app development!

Many thanks again!

2015-12-01, 15:14
Hi Yvonne

When I run the Lianja_mobiledemo sample app, the date picker looks different from the video demo

The other difference is in the Calendar Event update where the event record is updated through textboxes above calendar whereas in the video demo, the update is done through a separate popup dialog.

BTW, I run the demo using mobile view and using the "Preview" function

Kindly advise

Thanks & Best Regards

2015-12-01, 19:20
Building an app for a phone with the phonegap build service and then installing it on the phone causes it to adjust to the native controls of the phone. Preview is just as it states, a preview view of what you gave built. If you want to see it as it is on the video build it as a proper mobile app and install it on a phone.